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Experience Luxury Like Never Before.

Welcome to Plum and Sugar Salon Spa, where luxury meets beauty. Step into a world of relaxation and pampering like you've never seen before. Our salon spa is not just another salon in Bangalore. it's an experience you won't forget. Join us to indulge in the ultimate beauty journey.


Archana Sanghvi,
Founder & CEO

Plum & Sugar (P&S) was born in 2014, founded by experienced individuals with over 8 years in the industry. Our team embodies resilience and perseverance, symbolized by the robust plum winter tree in our brand. With Anjali Sanghvi's artistic expertise, Roshni Sanghvi's fitness certification, and Archana Sanghvi's industry know-how, we've created a health and beauty haven. Our dedicated staff shares our passion for delivering genuine transformations. We're one of Bangalore's premier salons.

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