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Benefits of Microblading or eyebrow tattooing.

Permanent Eyebrow tattooing, a new trend to follow?

Microblading now available by internationally qualified experts right in our city - Bangalore. Plum & Sugar salon in HSR layout provides some of the most unique and exclusive treatments with Microblading being one of the bests - do not know what it is? Read the article to clear all your doubts and questions about it.

Many find it a hassle to apply makeup on an everyday basis. It also is really time consuming. Today, there is a lasting solution to this - permanent makeup. One of the most famous form of tattooing also known as Microblading or #Cosmetic tattooing. Micorblading is the newest way to describe brow-tattooing or the semi-permanent brow boosting procedure that has lately taken the beauty world by storm. It is a manual process that uses a hand tool to apply semi-permanent natural looking eyebrows using fine hair strokes. Unlike the regular tattooing method, micro blading implants pigments under your skin mimicking the flow of your regular #brows. The effect of this lasts for about 2 years, that is 2 years of no drawing over your brows.

Some of the benefits of Microblading are -

It is a Long lasting solution - Getting eyebrow hair transplant is a very expensive procedure, therefore micro blading can be the best long lasting solution to fuller and thicker brows. It even gives a natural look.

Instant results - #Microblading does not have any recovery periods or any plasters over it. The results are instant and does not even have any swelling or redness. In fact, you can even go back to work and have a normal day from the moment the process is complete. However, for a week you are restricted from applying any makeup or cream on the eyebrows.

It saves time - Time is precious, this cuts down your everyday hassle of drawing in your brows, matching them and filling them in. With fuller brows you can even cut down on some of your regular makeup steps, like eye shadow or brow #highlight. The brows itself will uplift your face and will not require any additional makeup. Cosmetic tattooing would give you beautiful thicker brows and will accentuate the features of your eyes without having to do anything.

It saves money - Brow powder, pencils, gel, tints etc; you can not put all that money into other necessities about at least 2 years. The initial cost of getting the tattoo might be a little expensive but compared to the other alternative that is eyebrow transplant, it is much more cheaper. The tattooed eyebrows are instrumental in giving a specific shape, thickness, colour, balance, and symmetry to your face in particular and even your overall outlook.

It is easy & hassle free - One of the most obvious and important benefit of eyebrow #tattooing is that there is no worry about it smudging or being waterproof like traditional makeup. Overtime in about a year you will require a touch up session, but until then there will be no hassle about applying to removing the makeup on an everyday basis.

Adds #confidence and increases self-esteem - It is nearly impossible to find a difference between a naturally drawn and micro bladed eyebrows. It is all about you feeling good at the end of the day. There would be an immediate growth of self- esteem. You would come out as a dynamic, beautiful, and cheerful person in every walk of your life.

However, make sure you do your research and find the best professional to do your eyebrows. Yes, the process might be a little painful - but numbing cream is applied before the procedure and therefore you will not feel any pain during or post the treatment. With the help of professional certified aestheticians you will face no problems. The process takes about 90mins to complete with a down healing time of 1 week.

So is this a #trend to follow or pass? As an artist, micro blading I feel is surely a trend to follow. The coolest thing about micro blading is that it can help people reach their #BrowGoals, whether they are starting with little or no hair. That and of course never having to use another brow product again.

Anjali Sanghvi

Artist/ Blogger/ Stylist

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