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Eyelash extensions, yay or nah?

Most women do not have the patience to apply lashes on an everyday basis. So it is not a surprise that lash extensions have become increasing popular in the recent years. But to what lengths are you willing to go to get the perfect #KimKardashian or #SonamKapoor lash look?

Different kinds of lash extensions -

So, there are various kinds of extensions; 3D, 5D, Russian etc. It depends on the look you are going for and the length you would want. The size also varies from 6mm to 17mm.

Once you have decided, the lashes are applied with particularly formulated semi-permanent glue that will not cause any reaction to the eye or any existing lash fall. Although, since everyone's skin is not the same, there are different kinds of glues depending on ones sensitivity.

Lash extension procedure -

The extensions take 90 mins to 2 hours to apply and last for about 8-12 months with touch ups every month. However, there are extensions that you can get done even for a month when you have occasions. There are 2 types of lash sessions - half and full set. Half set would be a more natural look with just more length and not much thickness. Full set is a more dramatic look with more length and thickness.

Usually the lash experts will help you out with the best look for you depending on your eye and face shape, your lifestyle etc. However depending on your existing lashes there is only a certain length you can go so they last for long. For example if you have vert short lashes then you would not be advised to go for a very dramatic look, you would be suggested more of a natural #AliaBhatt look.

Side effects or eye irritation -

#LashExtensions do not have any side effects, apart from fluttery attractive eyes of course! The procedure does not allow the glue to even touch to skin or enter the eyes. However, if the glue does enter, it will not not cause any side effects apart from 5 minutes of redness or irritation.

Additionally, there is a difference between an allergic reaction and infection. A certified technician will not let you get an infection but if you are allergic to the glue or synthetic hair then there will be an allergic reaction, but that does not mean the products are harmful.

The extensions products -

There are different kinds of hair that every place might offer - synthetic, mink hair etc. Synthetic hair is the most available and also the cheaper way to go through it. They are the #Vegan way to get extensions and also stay intact for a longer period. Mink hair are more fluttery and feel lighter, however might be difficult to find in India and also are more expensive.

The lash fall out period -

The lash extensions are attached to every single existing lashes of yours. Hence, they fall out naturally along with the normal lash growth cycle. They usually last for about 8-12 months with touch ups every 15 days but again depends on how fast is your lash growth cycle.

When an unpracticed artist applies lashes they apply 1 lash to every 3-4 hair which leads to it clumping and hence falling out quicker. You might additionally have the urge to pick at them or try to pull them out yourself, which is a huge no-no. If you avoid these 2, your lashes will stay on for really long.

Some of the benefits -

Well, apart from the obvious mesmerising voluminous lashes look, they are also water resistant and give a mascara look all the time. It cuts down the step of you having to put on fake lashes on an everyday basis. Extensions do have an initial investment but in the long run its much more cheaper as you will not need fake lashes or mascaras anymore for a year! Apart from that, it also enhances the eyes therefore you do not even need to apply makeup as it uplifts your features automatically.

So, yay or nah?

Absolutely a yay! With no side effects and so many benefits, why not? However, make sure you do your research and find the best experienced artist around you to do it. Professional artist use professional products that do not harm your existing lashes and more importantly - your eyes!

Anjali Sanghvi

Artist/ Trainer/ Image Consultant

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