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5 tips for Anti - aging skin.

Wish you looked like you are 25 all your life? Keeping your #diet and habits right can influence your #skin largely. Factors such as tension, stress, irregular sleep timings, anxiety etc can have a massive impact on how quickly your skin ages. The ageing of the skin can start as early as your 31st #birthday depending on your everyday lifestyle. Here are a few ways on how you can keep your skin #healthy looking for a long time:

1) Drink loads of water – Water has a number of benefits; apart from helping controlling calories it also helps in keeping the skin hydrated and looking healthy. A number of studies show that water has no effect on the skin, but like your body even the skin is an organ and is made up of cells. Having #water increases the elasticity of your skin and therefore prevents #wrinkles.

2) Avoid processed food – Packed or processed foods contain a lot of preservatives that can speed up the #ageing process by damaging your skin cells. This will result in wrinkles and #sagging of the skin at an early age.

3) Have #regular sleep timings – Have specific sleep timings, avoid changing them everyday. Having an irregular routine can stress your body out and cause breakouts. Stressing or tension produces body heat that weakens the skin and can lead to skin #ageing faster.

4) #White tea – Apart from #weight loss, lowering risk of cancer and numerous other benefits, these tea bags act as an ideal eye pack that helps to reduce the puffiness or eye bags hence making you look #younger. Heat the tea until it reaches the boiling point, once hot leave it to cool down for a while. Take a cloth, dip it into the water and place them on your eyes for 15 minutes twice everyday.

5) #Olive oil – Applying #virgin olive oil every night before going to bed helps in tightening the skin and keeping it fresh looking for a long time. It keeps the skin hydrated, as it is rich in vitamin A and E that keeps the skin moisturised and healthy looking.

Apart from these 5 tips; having almonds, #avocado, fenugreek seeds and #bananas are considered a great source of vitamins to the skin. Your genes also have a huge impact on when your skin starts ageing, however these sources can help you delay the ageing massively.

Anjali Sanghvi

Image consultant/Trainer/Stylist

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