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Contouring? Highlighting? Don’t know how to get the perfect look without it looking too artificial?

Both these methods are used for sculpting the face into the perfect shape, hence making your jaw line and cheekbones stand out. Through this article I am going to tell you on how I get the perfect look and what products I love using.

#Contouring – This is the technique of giving an outline to your face through makeup and therefore making it more prominent. In contouring you use a powder/cream product that is darker than your original skin tone, hence creating an illusion of a chiseled face structure. A powder product would give a more matte effect whereas a cream product would give a more dewy effect on the face. Contouring is a lot of to do with the art of #blending right, you would not want a brown line to be seen under your jaw line or cheek bones. Blending is the key to giving it a more natural look.

My way to achieve the #perfect contour: I use the tapered 36BJF brush from Inglot that helps in blending the contour lines perfectly. For nose contouring I use the Oval 3 brush from #MAC. The products I love using are the MAC studio fix powders or the #AnastasiaBeverlyHills contour kit for my clients or even myself. You can even use a darker foundation or concealer to contour your face. Blending with a makeup blender or sponge is also appropriate but that soaks in a lot of products, therefore you will be wasting a lot of your products.

#Highlighting – This is the opposite of contouring; you use a shade lighter than your original skin tone and apply to the areas that you want standing out. Again blending with the right brush or beauty blender is the key to getting the perfect look. In highlighting too you can use cream or powder products, however using shimmer products is preferred while highlighting. When you’re selecting a highlighter you have to keep in mind to match it with your skin tone; if you have a yellow undertone to your skin, pink shade highlighters are going to stand out and look odd, but if you have pastel skin, pink tones are ideal. The objective when applying #highlighter is to obtain a reflective dewy effect that makes it appear like you just moisturised your skin. You don’t want to be totally sparkly, so have a go at a few highlighters on the back of your hand whilst you are at the store and blend well. If the product gives your skin a minor sheen you’ve got it right; if you seem as though you are covered in glitter or pale, try some more.

My way to achieve the perfect highlight: I use the #MAC 130SH brush or the #Morphe R31 brush & blend in a dabbing motion to give it a natural look. I set the cream products with ‘Soft & Gentle’ powder highlighter from MAC or the #NYX liquid highlighter for a dewy finish or the MAC studio fix powders for a matte look. For powder products I use the #BobbiBrown Blush brush to set the areas well.

- Anjali Sanghvi

Image consultant/Trainer /Stylist

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