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5 Reasons why Plum & Sugar is the best salon in Hsr Layout

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Plum and sugar biggest salon in Hsr layout.
Best salon in Hsr layout

Plum & Sugar is a lovely and lavish salon tucked in the heart of Bangalore city. An incredible opportunity to get your hair styled while receiving top-notch services in HSR Layout.

Though Plum & Sugar has been serving the folks of Bangalore for a decade, we now have 2 different locations in Bangalore providing the same exclusive service to keep our customers up to the minute.

Plum & Sugar is proud to offer you its exquisite service to keep you looking chic. We are a unisex salon offering not only services for women but also offer men’s cuts and styles. A one-stop salon for all your needs.

After years of working with industry professionals, Plum & Sugar knows what's best for you. Plum & Sugar started as a concept rooted in passion, and creativity and with a bunch of people that truly believed in our work.

We have become increasingly popular among consumers, and with a good reason for balancing beauty and sustainability.

Whether it’s for color, a haircut, a makeover, or a blowout Plum & Sugar has gotten you covered. Our internationally trained that has served more than 15k clients can't wait to give you a whole new look!

Why Choose Us?

1. Situated At a Prime Location.

Nestled in the prime location of Bangalore, Plum & Sugar has a three-story outlet that stands out from every salon in the city. Our customers love checking out our salon whenever they pay a visit.

Plum & Sugar relocated to its new branch in HSR Layout and just fell in love with the neighborhood, and the friendliness of the people who live here. Each floor is dedicated to a certain service. As we are specialized in almost every facet of this industry we know how to run this business.

We also let out customers park on our premises.

2. Services

Plum and sugar salon service, Biggest salon&spa in Bangalore.
Plum and sugar salon service

Plum & Sugar offers an array of haircuts & colors both for him and her. Plum & Sugar specializes in everything which you would ask for. Everything that we do is wearable, easy to maintain, and gives you a nice chic look.

Everything about Plum & Sugar has been carefully planned and organized. After delivering thousands of happy smiles we know what our customers expect.

We have a set of internationally trained talents that perform their task with sheer happiness. They know the salon culture pretty well. They can easily upscale your look in a fraction of a time by just recommending what would look the best on you.

3. Hair Directors

In this competitive salon culture, you need professional talents to groom your customers. At Plum & Sugar, our internationally trained hair directors can put you in your best version in no time.

They can easily give you a dimensional look that you can carry for months without having to touch up. They align you in the impeccable way possible. We always ensure our clients are updated to the latest trends to keep them chicer.

Our directors have endless knowledge about what can potentially look good and what could harm your skin. As everybody has a different skin type, we make sure every customer gets a personalized treatment for their money.

4. Consistency

Everybody loves consistency. We have been consistently providing the same top-notch service for over a decade. Our clients love consistent service whenever they pay a visit.

We are very passionate about our business, we know how we can bring more value to the table. Beauty trends and protocols change endlessly, but we have been consistently doing our best to keep our clients up to the mark.

5. Luxury Treatments With Wine and Snack Bar

Luxury service with beverage
service with beverage.

Waiting on your partner to get treatment is not always boring. Plum & Sugar has its own Wine and Snack Bar to keep you company. Sip on some tea, wine, or cocktails while enjoying the treatment at this beautiful salon.

At Plum 7 Sugar we have always tried to push our artistic boundaries and provide the same exquisite services. We always wanted to be out of the box, so we like welcoming our clients by offering wine, coffee, and other pleasantries. Experience the true salon experience at Plum & Sugar with experience relaxing and fun, while focusing on self-care.


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