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Why plum & Sugar is the best salon for hair cuts in HSR Layout?

female haircuting at plum and sugar salon Hsr layout

Ever found a place where you could get high-quality beauty services?

Bangalore city is filled with salons full of skilled staff, but our Plum & Sugar is a little different.

Plum & Sugar’s entire salon experience sets them apart from other city salons. Your

appointment will be just one call away to get a fresh new look that will make you stand out.

Plum & Sugar prides itself on running a transparent business to ensure everyone feels

comfortable when they walk in for a new look. We have 2 locations in Bangalore city both

locations are staffed with a full-time manager, from open to close. Our attentive staff is always there to answer the phone and grab you a beverage and snacks. 

Everybody is finding for a wave in the salon industry, but Plum & Sugar has brought us a whole culture that serves quality beauty services, want to know more about us? Call us or feel free to sip on some tea, wine, or cocktails while enjoying the trusted products at our beautiful salon.

5 Reasons That Make Plum & Sugar The best Salon

For Hair Cut in Hsr Layout.

1. Internationally trained staff

internationaly trained staffs

We are very selective with the talents that we hire or retain and always look forward to meeting our customer's needs. Our internationally trained talents can easily take your salon game from 0 to 100 real quick. 

Our internationally trained talents excel in all hair types and lengths. We are very versatile with clippers as well as all scissor men's and women's haircuts. Each customer gets a personalized treatment by looking at your needs. We believe that every customer is 1 of 1 and should be treated specially. 

2. 12 years+ in business in HSR Layout With 20k+ Members

hair washing at plum and sugar

Nestled in the heart of the Bangalore city HSR Layout, we have been serving our customers for more than a decade now. We started with an idea and a bunch of people that showed true belief in our work. 

After delivering 20k plus happy smiles, we as a salon keep updating our formulas to keep our

client's look up to date. 

3. From Hair Directors to Junior Hairstylists

hair styler cutting hair

Plum & Sugar is home to skilled talents. Here you will find all kinds of hairstylists that have

excelled in all types of hair and body treatment. Our skilled hair directors make the job even

easier for our clients. 

They consult our customers on all kinds of styles they should take. We have a wide array of

hairstylists from hair directors to junior stylists who do their job with sheer passion. 

4. Biggest salon in HSR Layout

biggest salon in Hsr layout

While we pride ourselves on being the experts on all things that men and women expect from their salon. Plum & Sugar is the biggest player in Bangalore city. When it comes to salon games, Plum & Sugar has its own big league. 

Even though we get dozens of appointments every day we make sure every customer is allotted an appointment in one days at least. With a very short wait time and experienced talents, Plum & Sugar has got its own name in Bangalore city. 

5. Covid 19 Regulations are Taken Care off

covid regulations are taken care off

Each member of staff and every client is expected to follow COVID precautions. Our every staff has to go through a temperature check every day before they start their job. Even customers are checked before they get an appointment. 

Our furniture and other stuff are regularly disinfected before we start our day. Employees are

tested on a regular basis for COVID-19.

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